We all know Deadmau5 is a huge tech nerd with way too much money to spend in his lifetime. But actually, we believe he did spend all of his money in his lifetime! …on Tech!!

deadmau5 mansion tech

In this new YouTube video, we get a tour through Deadmau5′ huge mansion, with an emphasis on all the techy toys he bought throughout the years.

His studio is an absolute massive control room with more gear than one could dream of. It even is the only Dolby Atmos mix studio other than Dolby itself.

In the perfectly tuned room, there are 9 custom made speakers which produce sound in 3 dimensional space.

We could go on mentioning his garage of exotic cars, customized LAN center and millions of dollars of other gear. But we won’t let you wait much longer. Watch the video below and see for yourself!!