Luca Draccar


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419 (short for For One Night aka One Night Stand) by Luca Draccar is a masterful work that incites a world of possibilities that often go overlooked in techno and trance. The EP is comprised of three tracks that read in sound like an open book of practical living and the struggle that we humans must endure within the polarities of happiness and pain. 419 speaks to our souls through its rhythms and structure.



As producer extraordinaire, Draccar has infused 419’s instrumental structure with the ability to speak. It is the conversation of sonic appeal that gives 419 a sharp edge. Draccar makes the case that living in one place is imprisonment. An exhilarating wandering in multiple places. Enjoy the pleasure in one night of 419 is pure pleasure.

The EP opens with the cerebral track Dadaism. The composition reveals Draccar’s complex, yet ingenious methodology for sound design. Dadaism’s is a cinematic offering, where we find some sections are sparse and others intense and emotionally charged. Lippen follows with a driving beat and heavy overtones of trance and deep house. Its brilliant rhythms are strongly accentuated by its sharp drum pattern and watery bassline. Draccar concludes the project with a fierce landscape of tropical delights called Vagabondage. 419 by Luca Draccar excels in musical intellect and urbanized worldview, which forms the basis of its musicality.

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