Master Yetí


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Chicago producer and artist, Master Yetí, follows the success of his single ‘Lulu  Lemon’ with a much anticipated club remix that dives into a whole new electronic  dimension. 

While the original ‘Lulu Lemon’ has already accumulated over 100,000 streams on  Spotify alone, the emo-rap soundscape is the perfect foundation for a club remix.  Swapping the hazy lull of the acoustic guitar for heavy synth lines and continuous  beats, the ‘Lulu Lemon’ Club Remix is transformed into a brand new genre while  remaining true to Master Yetí’s signature sound. Setting the scene is the pulsing  groove, surrounded by an aura of electronic movement, allowing the melodic flow  of Master Yetí’s vocals to capture the listener and take the lead. 

Growing up in a creative household, Master Yetí began his career in the arts  industry before crafting his talent as a songwriter and producer in 2017. Releasing  his first single ‘On My Own’ in late 2019, Master Yetí’s music journey has soared,  with a following of 130,000 Spotify monthly listeners and 19,000 fans on Instagram. 


Master Yeti

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