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“Leclipse” is a dark, experimental, deep, and hypnotic EP with elements of techno, house, and industrial. The tracks are highlighted by hauntingly beautiful vocals, complemented by ethereal synths and chilling soundscapes. This EP is most certainly an enticing avant-garde experience and the perfect addition to any electronic playlist.

You can’t truly understand what Luca Draccar does on “Ready to loose control” that makes it so evocative and unforgettable; only that he did, and that is enough for now. The sawtooth synth leads, the driving bassline, intricate percussion, and dark, haunting components have been blended with awe-inspiring showmanship to create a soundscape that literally makes you lose control of yourself as you dance the night away in a state of musical ecstasy!

With “Flying Satellites”, he whisks you away to another realm…in fact, it cathartically elevates you, drawing you closer to your destiny. There’s something unexplainable in this soaring music, a phenomenon that can’t be explained by logic. He really makes you think about avant-garde music in new ways…ways that are essentially about the unknown.

The hypnotic, addicting, and alluring evocation of the last track, “I can stop” is spellbinding. With rippling synth accents and mellow orchestral pulses brandishing the vocal circle, this track attains a sacred power that allures the listener like a siren. This tune has layers upon layers of textures, elements, synths, and vocals worthy of the big screen!

“Leclipse” is that project that transcends the music; here, the darkly haunting energy has been harnessed and weaved into a tapestry of deep, danceable, and evocative melodies that evoke intense feelings in listeners.

What was Luca Draccar thinking? The way he takes the audience on a trip into his own imagination is ingenious, to say the least. He displays such technical dexterity and an insatiable passion that is driven by his love for music, technology, and innovation!

This is what innovation feels and sounds like. It is such an honor to recommend to you this striking body of work that is already streaming on all the major platforms globally. Follow the link below and relish!

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