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This song was inspired by the current Ukraine war. It embodies a message for anyone fighting for what they believe in and standing strong in the face of adversity.

Frank Delour, a native new yorker, has proven as a dj, a producer and as an artist he can run with the best. His ability to lock in with a live crowd is top notch. He has never pre-planned a club set in his entire career which spans over 2 decades. New York City and Miami are where he blazed his trails in nightlife, as well as many other cities including abroad. His resume lists The Met Gala 3 times, over 40 top designers, endless events and a loyal A-list clientele. His musical prowess was also displayed as the entertainment director of Cain at the Cove Atlantis for 7 years, before later departing his tenure at Atlantis as the head of entertainment for the billion dollar resort. With his new apparel brand and many upcoming releases, the sky is the limit for this man.


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