Luca Draccar

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The Berlin-based producer with Italian roots is back! Luca Draccar has released a new EP titled Soul Grabbers. Devoted to shining techno and dark exotic rhythms, Luca Draccar brings into focus the obvious display of exceptional talent. Soul Grabber is unique in its musical structure and execution.

Soul Grabber carries its own taste of otherworldliness coupled with its tropical percussive sounds and liquid basslines. This five-track journey is delightful and quite ambitious. The textured rhythms of the first track Jadore is a surefire way of grabbing our attention. Luca Draccar also infuses some elements of voice on several tracks on the album, but these are very prominent on Jadore.

As Soul Grabber continues to blossom, we find ourselves in a twisting turn of emotion on Open and Satan Club, which are quite pictorial melodies. We then venture forth into deeper and concluding sonic terrains in The Rest Is Noise, which is accompanied with an EP-ending remix. Luca Draccar’s latest offering is truly a memorable experience.

Photo provided by @simona.minamalmag

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