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With the original release racking up over a million YouTube views, you might be wondering what tyDi and JES could possibly do as an encore for their pop-dance smasher ‘Just Believe’. Listening to the new remix from Darude, it seems like they might just have found an answer. The Legendary Finnish DJ and producer was infatuated with the song from the first listen: 

“I heard the original and loved it from the first go. I hummed to it in the car, at the house, shopping for groceries, everywhere. I couldn’t get JES’s sweet voice and the stellar production out of my head, but it was a little slow and softer energy for me to play in my sets, so I asked Ty for the stems and cooked up something different I could play out. I’m ecstatic tyDi & JES love it, too, and that now it’s coming out for all to hear and dance to!”

Spinning the original version on its head, Darude has re-invented the wheel and somehow made it more effective. Opening with a unique use of synths and acoustic guitar, only the beat would make you think this remix belongs at the deep end of the dance floor. Layers of deep strings keep the mainstream vibe alive until the breakdown hits, and an infectious lead line takes over, instantly raising the energy level to epic. The beat hits again with an inspired vocal layered drop, and the song keeps moving with a contained sense of wild abandon.

This remix is a truly inspired creation from the legendary Finnish producer and looks set to bring the song to a whole new audience.

tyDi & JES – Just Believe (Darude Remix) is available via Magik Muzik.

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